Training Swords

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Refine your skills and level up to be the next undefeated sword master with our range of training swords at Global Gear.As we are passionate about swords and all things fantasy, we’ve searched far and wide to find the best bokken and other training swordsfor our customers. We are proud to present a fine selection, featuring high quality materials and an exceptional construction that ensures durability as well as good looks.

Train like a Warrior

Every accomplished swordsman starts with a training sword. To learn the way of the warrior, we offer an extensive range of to cater to martial artists of every kind, from bokken for aspiring samurai to hand and a half swords for late medieval knights.

You’ll find an excellent variety from renowned brand Cold Steel. This brand is known for their pristine swords, crafted to perfection and revered by collectors and aficionados all over the world. We also stock Xtreme synthetic swords that have been developed in conjunction with British swordmaster and founder of the London Longsword Academy and the HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) community – so you know they’re going to be good! Our trainingrange contains medieval style swords, Japanese Samurai bokken and even training axes which allow you to perfect your Viking battle moves.

To ensure high standards of safety, the blades of our training swords have been made with synthetic materials such as polypropylene and special-purpose high impact polymer. This allows the sword to be strong and flexible, causing minimal harm when used in training.

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Embark on your quest to greatness today with our training swords!To buy, simply order from us online. Alternatively,give call us on 03 9720 8699 today and we’ll be happy to complete your purchase over the phone. We offer fast and efficient Australia-wide shipping and FREE delivery for all orders over $100 for our exclusive members.

We also offer a FREE 30 day return policy in case you need to exchange or return an item – however,we only acceptreturns and exchanges if items returned unopened in their original packaging.