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Norton India Alundum 8 inch

Dimensions: 1" x 2" x 8". Grit: Fine Coarse. The long lasting India alundum formulation cuts a little slower than it's Crystolon counterpart but generates the finest razor sharp edge.
$87.00 $60.90

Ardennes Coticule Coticule Whetstone Medium

Sizes and shapes may vary. Consists of two layers: a Coticule seam (not every Coticule seam in our quarry is of the same thickness). And black slate. Tiny hairline cracks...
$107.00 $74.90

Arkansas Sharpeners Arkansas Whetstone Hard

Dimensions: 7" x 1.75". Mounted on wood block with angle guides at each end. Comes with small bottle of honing oil.
$55.00 $38.50

Smith's Sharpeners Broadhead Sharpener w-Wrench

4.5" overall. Yellow plastic handle. Grit: Coarse. Lanyard hole. Pre-set carbide blades (reversible and replaceable). Wrench for removing broadheads easily. Hang packaged.
$25.00 $17.50