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Free shipping. Discounts. Bonus gifts. Special deals. All sounds pretty good huh? These are just some of the things that Global Gear Legion Members will have on offer, from month to month. Each month Legion Members will be offered a different deal. So this month might be free shipping, and next month you might get 15% discount on all orders!
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All you have to do to join our Legions is register for our email newsletters. Yup, that's it. No, I'm not kidding. See the box to the right there that says "enter your email address" ?? Just do what it says and hit the "Subscribe" button, and you're signed up! You'll get our monthly newsletter, that has heaps of info about new and upcoming awesome gear, as well as the Legion Members password for the month and details about this month's special offer. Just use the monthly password in the "Discount" field in your shopping cart before checkout, and it will automatically apply the special deal for the month!
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Global Gear aim to bring you the coolest, craziest, and hardest to find TV, movie, gaming, and anime replica weapons & collectables. Our ever expanding range of awesome gear includes museum quality replica swords & armour from games, movies and TV. Also a growing range of foam latex replica weapons, gear, gadgets and pretty much anything cool or pop culture related.
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