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Knifemaking Knife Blade Bowie

13" overall. 8" stainless blade. Brass guard. Full tang. Ideal for the do-it-yourself knifemaker. Bulk packed.Fits sheaths SH266 and SH1005.
$42.00 $29.40

Pakistan Rustic Broadsword

41" overall. 32" rustic finish high carbon steel blade. Brown leather wrapped handle. Blackened finish steel guard and pommel. No scabbard. Hand forged.
$132.00 $92.40

CAS Hanwei Practical Wushu Sword

36.5" overall. 30" spring steel blade. Red stainless handle. Stainless guard and pommel. Blade tapers to almost paper thin at the tip. Red steel scabbard.
$417.00 $291.90

Sheffield Green River Knife

9" overall. 4 7/8" carbon steel blade. Full tang. Brown hardwood handles. Black leather belt sheath.
$107.00 $74.90

CAS Hanwei Viking Thrusting Spear Head

16" overall. Carbon steel blade. Antique finish with black decorative design.
$257.00 $179.90

CAS Hanwei Tinker Great Sword of War

47.63" overall. 35.88" 5160 carbon steel blade. Brown leather wrapped handle. Distinctive polished stainless cruciform guard and brazil-nut pommel. Brown wood scabbard.
$899.00 $629.30