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Cold Steel Machete

Black blade. Double edge blade. High impact handle with standard guard and ball shaped pommel. Lanyard hole. Black Cordura belt sheath. Cordura sheath.
$107.00 $74.90

Cold Steel Training Staff

Dimensions: 54"; Construction: Polypropylene; Other Info: 1 1/2" diameter. High strength polypropylene construction. Traditional octagonal cross section for superior grip and comfort.
$107.00 $74.90

Cold Steel O Bokken Trainer

Construction: Black Polypropylene Construction; Color: Black; Overall: 44"; Blade: 31.5" l Plastic; Handle: Black l Synthetic; Other Info: Practice sword was made to closely duplicate a real Katana in length...
$89.00 $62.30

Cold Steel Brooklyn Shorty

20" overall. Pack weight: 18.2oz. Black injection molded high-performance polypropylene construction. 1" thick handle. Small portable and travel friendly.
$72.00 $50.40

Hooyman Saws Bush Machete

20.5" (52.07cm) overall. 15" (38.1cm) black oxide coated 3Cr13 stainless blade. Black and green finger grooved synthetic handle. Full tang. Lanyard hole. H-GRIP no-slip handle coating. Black nylon belt sheath....
$79.00 $55.30

Cold Steel Chinese Sword Machete

38" overall. 24" 1055HC steel blade. Black polypropylene handle. Full tang. Finger ring. Black baked-on anti rust matte finish blade. Sheath features shoulder strap. Black Cor-Ex sheath.
$129.00 $90.30

Pakistan Bull Whip

Measures 175cm tip to top of handle. 5' braided black leather whip. Stiff black leather wrapped handle with brown leather trim and black leather wrist strap. Bulk packed.
$67.00 $46.90

Estwing Campers Axe Special Edition

26 1/4" overall. 7 1/8" black coated axe head with 4 1/8" beveled cutting edge. American forged in one piece out of genuine American steel. Black patented nylon vinyl shock...
$230.00 $161.00

Cold Steel Rubber Rondel Trainer

Construction: Santoprene; Color: Black; Overall: 16.75"; Blade: 11.25" l Rubber; Handle: Black l Rubber; Other Info: Unsharpened blade with rounded tip. One-piece black composition construction. Bulk Packed.
$30.00 $21.00

China Made Pirate Sword

28 1/8" overall. 22 1/4" sharpened 440 stainless blade. Sculpted metal handle and pommel. Antique brass finish hand guard with sailing ship artwork. Black finish composition scabbard with metal fittings.
$211.00 $147.70

Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel w-Sheath

Construction: Carbon Steel; Overall: 20.75"; Blade: Carbon Steel l Standard Edge l Black Finish; Handle: Brown l Wood; Other Info: Sharpened edges. Black Cor-Ex sheath. Bulk Packed.
$94.00 $65.80

Cold Steel American Hunting Spear

30" overall. 7" (17.78cm) black finish SK5 carbon steel blade. Black Secure-Ex sheath. Hang packaged.
$106.00 $74.20

Frost Cutlery Tomahawk

16.5" overall. 3" cutting edge. 6.5" satin finish stainless axe head. Leather wrapped wood handles with feather detail. Boxed.
$83.00 $58.10

Cold Steel Trench Hawk Trainer

19.5" overall. 3.63" cutting edge. Lanyard hole. Unsharpened. 81/2" hawk head with spike end. Santoprene construction. Color: Black. Boxed.
$61.00 $42.70

Rough Rider Scrimshaw Set

Type: Trapper; Closed: 4.125"; Blade: Stainless l Standard Edge l Mirror Polish Finish; Handle: White l Bone; Other Info: Nickel Silver Bolsters. Clip and spey blades. Set includes: trapper knife...
$61.00 $42.70

Cold Steel Cutlass Machete

Construction: 1055 Carbon Steel; Overall: 30"; Blade: 24" l Carbon Steel l Standard Edge l Matte Finish; Handle: Black l Polypropylene; Other Info: Baked on anti-rust matte finish. Black Cor-Ex...
$145.00 $101.50

Smith & Wesson Major Shooting Glasses Amber

Full peripheral eye coverage. Blue full frame construction. Anti-fog polycarbonate amber lenses. Rubber non-slip nose piece and ear stems. Microfiber storage bag/cleaning cloth. UV 400 rated. Ballistic MIL-PRF 32432 rated....
$48.00 $33.60

Cold Steel Brooklyn Banshee

It's unbelievable. We're seeing 8 to 10 bats break every game. Guys are coming back saying they hit the ball on the sweet spot and it still broke." This quote...
$95.00 $80.75

Cold Steel Sheath For Viking Hand Axe

Dimensions: 7.5"; Construction: Nylon; Color: Black; Other Info: 7 1/2" overall. Black ballistic nylon construction. For use with Viking Hand Axe (CS90WVBA). Bulk Packed.
$25.00 $17.50

Cold Steel Italian Long Sword

Construction: 1060 Carbon Steel; Overall: 47"; Blade: 35.5" l Carbon Steel l Standard Edge l Satin Finish; Handle: Black l Leather; Other Info: Double edge blade. Silver finish steel guard...
$883.00 $618.10

Cold Steel Brooklyn Basher

Dimensions: 24"; Construction: Polypropylene; Color: Black; Weight: 27.6 oz; Other Info: Black injection molded high-performance polypropylene construction. HangPackaged.
$70.00 $52.50

Camillus Cuda Micro Scissors

3 1/2" overall. 1 3/8" titanium bonded steel micro-serrated blades. Full tang. Blue Cuda scale pattern non-slip grip handles. Oversized finger holes. Perfect for cutting mono and braided line. Hang...
$19.00 $13.30

Joker Bowie

16" overall. 9.75" satin finish Vanadium molybdenum steel clip point blade. Crown stag handle. Stainless guard. Brown leather belt sheath. Boxed.
$393.00 $275.10

Norton India Alundum 8 inch

Dimensions: 1" x 2" x 8". Grit: Fine Coarse. The long lasting India alundum formulation cuts a little slower than it's Crystolon counterpart but generates the finest razor sharp edge.
$87.00 $60.90

UZI Tactical Pen Gun Metal Gray

6 1/8" overall. Knurled gun metal gray anodized aircraft aluminum housing. Gun metal gray finish stainless pocket clip with drilled hole design. Unscrew glass breaker/self defense top to reveal handcuff...
$68.00 $47.60

Block Sharpener The Block Knife Sharpener

Dimensions: 5.5"; Other Info: Case hardened steel with a Rockwell hardness of 69 (Butcher's steel). White and red polypropylene and TPE handle. Will not tear rip or change original angle...
$36.00 $25.20

Estwing Black Eagle Double Bit Axe

Designed for sportsmen and military professionals. Made for professional lumbermen. Can shape split and cut wood. Effective chopping tool. 16 5/8" overall. 7 1/2" double axe head with 2 7/8"...
$187.00 $130.90